About eWalk

Our story begins in 2003, with a couple of ex-dotcomer’s in the Gold Country who thought agents would save time and money if they used digital media to electronically preview the first home visit. There were some hurdles: the Internet was dial up, photos were small thumbnails, and virtual tours brand new. BUT - eWalk had an innovative way to “walk thru the house electronically” using still pictures (hence, our name).

We rode the curve as technology improved. We graduated to DSLR's, then sophisticated lighting with high power flashes and remote triggers. The 360 panorama virtual tour came and went, and bandwidth dramatically improved.Fast forward to today, and over 15,000 tours later. eWalk has transformed from a technology company to a service and solutions company that expanded across Northern California. Real estate photography has moved far beyond pictures to include Matterport 3D Tours, Aerial Drones, videos, floor plans, and more. Many of these don’t even use cameras! Matterport 3D, for example, belongs to class of technologies called computational photography and uses infrared structured light. It’s definitely not your Grandfather's camera.

The dial up and our proprietary electronic walk thru are long gone but many original customers are still with us. Tapped into the pulse of exciting new technology, we guide you on what services to use and when, ensuring you’re aware of what will be most valuable to you.

We answer the phone, learn your preferences, and guarantee your photos by noon the next day. Our photographers are the best in the business: with an average of 10 years of real estate experience, they are responsive, on-time, and know exactly what it takes to bring your listing to life.

Technology may have changed, but the goal is the same:
Provide a visual experience so real, people will think they’ve been there.